What’s my superpower?

Learning with Lisa Tan

Fighting your ego to find self-awareness

The two things which most of us experience are

”I’m the best, I can crush this, I’m going to show everyone how good I am!”


”I’m the worst. I’m the dumbest, I’m the biggest loser, I’m just worthless”

Both of the above is our ego talking. The ego wants to be the best of the best, or the ego wants to be the worst of the worst.

The ego doesn’t like being in the middle.

The ego wants the deepest sense of being the lowest of the lowest.

You don’t want to just be bad, you have been the worst – eg: “my pain is the worst. No one can understand what I’m going through”.

So you see these two sides of ego keeping us locked away. The only way to balance it all into one is genuine self-honesty.

Honesty is –

🎃 I’m really good at this (insert here)
🌅 I’m really average in this (insert here)
🧵 I’m really bad at that (insert here)

The challenge is most of us have zero self-awareness about what we’re good at, average in, and bad at.

So we think we’re either good in everything. Average in everything, or bad at everything 😱

How do you find out? Go talk to people. Ask your friends, family, colleagues – What’s my superpower? What do I do differently? What am I great at?

They will all have different answers. And you will learn about yourself, and build real confidence. Not through fakeness, but through knowledge, honesty, and self-awareness.

Source: This is Why You’re Not Happy in Life By Jay Shetty (YouTube video)






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