My Ruminations

I don’t believe in micromanaging my life; I surrender to surprises :) I want to travel, to every corner of the earth; to discover different cultures, to touch hearts and live dreams. Perpetual wanderlust.

I’m seeking; I’m striving. I am in it with all my heart.


Clubhouse App Benefits & How To Use It To Maximise Value

When used correctly, Clubhouse can help you develop new ideas, get information from thought leaders you don’t have access to, interact with fascinating people all over the world and connect with them. You can also use Clubhouse to network or establish yourself as a thought-leader (or influencer). There is a

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On Hating Yourself

I wasn’t mad. I was just disappointed. I sat with that feeling: that I’m the worst. I was a thing to be fixed. But then I remembered some of the best advice I’d ever gotten, from Amanda Clayman on my podcast: Essentially that hating yourself is just more time and

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Staying up all night

“I don’t have any time to stay up all night worrying about what someone who doesn’t love me has to say about me.” Not being sexist but I think women have a hard time letting go of criticisms, insults, attacks or friendships woes. I think because emotionally, we care more.

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Tsuta’s biggest menu revamp

What has been keeping me awfully busy during October – unveiling Tsuta’s biggest menu revamp! – Introduced over 80% new and improved items in its menu – Premiered Tsuta’s first Crab Soba, Mazesoba with local renditions, and improved recipes on our Signatures such as Shoyu Soba and Shio Soba While

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Making unconventional choices

Definitely no linearity in my career. Sometimes, it worries me… and I wistfully wish I was a lifer in a big company. Some of my friends have been working in the same companies/fields for 15 years… and here I am, jumping from one to another. 😔 Choosing a non-bank job

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5 years on, 9 lessons I learnt as an entrepreneur

After 5 years of being an entrepreneur, these are some of the most important lessons I learnt along the way. 1.  I really learnt to compartmentalise myself from my work problems.When I started out, I get flustered every time I face an issue. Today, I can really emotionally separate myself

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Productivity, Health & Habit Tracking Tools

  Each time I mention about my habits, tracking tools and 60-day challenge, I get a lot of questions on how and what I use. Thought I’ll share it in a post so I don’t have to reply individually. I honestly believe that I have managed to build a great

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