Thinking long-term and investing into the uninvestable
Anna Vanessa Haotanto The Peak

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Thinking long-term and investing into the uninvestable.

“I personally believe that it’s not enough to make money. It is also our duty to help those who can’t help themselves, and to better society. We have to invest responsibly and focus on investing in the uninvestable.”

“ As the next generation with the keys to growth for the next few decades, we enjoy unlimited options. The world is our playground but we must not take this privilege lightly. We are the trustees to carry the institutions of Singapore forward. If we don’t take up the responsibility, who will?

I encourage all of us to think long-term and venture into the unknown. To invest in the uninvestable and look beyond profitability. It is our duty to empower others through responsible investing, job creation and education. Let that guide your decision and legacy to the world.”




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