Sara Blakey’s Masterclass On Entrepreneurship
sara blakey masterclass

Make it, Sell it & Create Awareness

How to build a business?
Notes from Sara Blakey’s Masterclass – Self-Made Entrepreneurship

On purpose:
What brings me joy? (What breaks my heart?)
What are you good at?
How do you want to serve your community?

For each idea, ask yourselves these questions: (Acts as a filter)
Difficulty level

How big is the need?
Does this idea exist?
Ask around, or where you are going to sell it?
Would you ever be interested?
Are you the only the one who sees the need?
Is it a solution that is needed?

Name your ideas early on.
Give it energy – share it with the people that can move the idea forward
-Who is going to be necessary to move the prototype forward
Lawyers, manufacturers, whoever is part of your business.

Why is my product/company/idea different?
What do I like or dislike about the competitors?

Your Pitch:
Here’s what I am, here’s why I am different? Here’s why I am the best option?

“Had I been a good test taker, Spankx would have not have existed.



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