Pin Prestige Interview – Starting a new business during COVID-19 (SPLOOT ASIA)


Anna Vanessa Haotanto, Pin Prestige

During the circuit breaker, I realised that everyone had a hobby and… I don’t! While everyone was becoming a Master chef, master baker, artist or working out, I didn’t have any hobbies. ⁠

I began by wanting to learn about interesting new business ideas. I also thought about these ideas and how much potential it has and how it can be improved. I came up with 6! ⁠

I realise that the pet business is a hugely interesting space as there is a growing market and demand, higher spending power and willingness to spend and it’s an emotional purchase. Many young people also treat their pets with a lot of love and willing to spend money on them.⁠

In terms of online pet direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform in Singapore, it’s still very nascent and has rooms to grow.⁠

I think it was a bold step for us to start – an online pet store selling beautifully designed, high-quality pet toys, treats & accessories for all furkids. As paw-rents, we focus on perfecting our designs, quality, durability⁠
and packaging. Wenny and I hope that SPLOOT products bring paw-rents happiness, warmth & many meaningful memories.⁠

We plan to grow our offerings so SPLOOT can be a holistic, one-stop-shop online, direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform. ⁠

There is definitely a better time to start a business, especially a⁠
pet business. But there is no better partner I can ask for in this journey.



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