On quitting alcohol

As I said in the earlier post on limiting beliefs, my dream is to one day, say that “I don’t drink alcohol”. PERMANENTLY.

Nothing against alcohol at all. Again, I’m the BIGGEST drinker. I love my alcohol & drink daily, by myself. I can drink half a bottle of whisky or a bottle of wine myself, in one night. I don’t drink for social reasons or for the intoxicated feeling. I actually REALLY love the taste. 

I want to challenge myself and my beliefs. Why do I, and many of you, say that we can’t do without it? Why can’t we conduct business meetings w/o drinking? Why can’t we have dinner without drinking?

I know most of you will probably say “Not cannot but I enjoy it.” And that’s totally fine. 👍🏻

For me, I want to rework my own beliefs of what’s possible and what I am capable of doing. I used to not even be able to resist not drinking for 2 days. 🙈

Why is alcohol a crutch to me?

WHY do I want to try to quit alcohol?
1) Pure optimal physical & mental performance.
2) push my productivity and maximum performance.
3) Want a challenge & quitting alcohol is DEFINITELY 1 of the hardest things for me.

I’m all about efficiency and will like to spend the 4.5 months on how I can optimise for max performance. It’s actually an interesting experiment to challenge my self-limiting beliefs. If I am as motivated and disciplined as I think I am, then why can’t I will myself to do this? 

More importantly, if I can do this,… what else can I achieve?
After all, we can’t control what’s happening in the world (and it’s sad). The only thing I am in control of is how I regulate & manage myself. 

For me, it is quite fun to explore the concept of possibilities, human condition, goal settings & beliefs.

  • Why can’t I/ anyone quit alcohol for life?
  • Why do we need to have alcohol?
  • What is the role of alcohol in my life?
  • Will it impact the way I socialise/dine/conduct business?
  • Is it an identity? A comfort? A reward?
  • Will I be less fun/creative/interesting w/o alcohol?

Most importantly, will I be more productive, sharper and perform more efficiently?

Will my physical health be better?

Note: I have been off alcohol for 32 days and I am unsure if I feel different or healthier. 😂 I haven’t done enough research or reading on benefits of quitting alcohol. Not even sure if I can.

And if you haven’t realised, I’m 0 or 1, all in or nothing person. 😆
No halfway. No in-between. Especially in work, relationship & close friendships.

That’s why my goals can be drastic sometimes.



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