Mrs Pho Café: Experience Artisanal Vietnamese Coffee Culture & The Perfect Bahn Mi

I always get the question, “Does Mrs Pho sell Banh Mi?”. It took us over a year to create the perfect Banh Mi, one that we are finally satisfied with. God knows how many breads the team have tried for research. (It’s really hard to lose weight in F&B!).

What makes a good Banh Mi? The bread has to have a crispy crust but remains light and airy. The filling. The price. The experience. Our classic Bahn Mis come with a range of fillings from chicken to meatballs — are perfect for a teatime treat. We also come up with unique local renditions to pay homage to Singapore’s culture, the Vietnam Floss Banh Mi and Kaya Butter Banh Mi, offering both savoury and sweet options – something for everyone!

#MrsPho Café brings a slice of Vietnam’s colourful coffee culture to Singapore, with over 20 different drinks. Our robusta coffee beans are sourced directly from Gia Lai Province, Vietnam and roasted by an artisanal roaster from Ho Chi Minh. You’ll be treated to an expertly crafted array of drinks like Vietnam’s famous Egg Coffee, a luxurious drink made with egg yolks, condensed milk and coffee beans, the deliciously creamy Avocado Coffee, and the naturally sweet Coconut Coffee.

We hope to bring you to the colourful cafes in Vietnam through Mrs Pho Café & I will love for you to try and let me know your thoughts! 🙂




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