Making unconventional choices

Definitely no linearity in my career. Sometimes, it worries me… and I wistfully wish I was a lifer in a big company. Some of my friends have been working in the same companies/fields for 15 years… and here I am, jumping from one to another. 😔

  • Choosing a non-bank job but a sales job because a) it was a regional role and I get to travel APAC b) it offered few months training in London 😂 
  • Worked as a restaurant and bar waitress, GUESS retail sales assistant, dealer & a lot of other odd jobs in between 
  • Focused on having maximum fun in university… 🙊 
  • Disregarding courses I hate (Accounting, urgh) and taking more than necessary Finance courses. 
  • Didn’t care about grades but focused on getting as much work experience. I had 4 internships. Most people had 2. 
  • Founded 2 “businesses“ right after my first job – a clothing store (yes!!!) and a diaper business (yes again!!!). Both were… interesting and failed as quickly as they started. 
  • Left the only field I knew – Finance… to delve into a tech/media startup – an area I have NO idea about. 
  • 5 years later, again, jumped into F&B, another field I have NO idea about.

Makes me wonder – Which unknown area will I jump into in 2025? 



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