Great Minds Never Think Alike

I’ve always loved reading about business personalities. I’m curious to know what makes them tick and motivates them.

The #GreatMindsNeverThinkAlike campaign is enlightening for me. Not only I get the insights of some of the brightest minds that I admire for years (my inspiration Rosaline Chow Koo!), but how these thought-leaders think, behave, consume information and live their days.

Some of my favourites:
– Hua Fung‘s quote: “There is no point dreaming about doing big things if you can’t roll the dice”.
– Dione‘s podcast recommendation: Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast (Saved it!)
– Christopher‘s Redmart snacks: Brown sugar boba tea flavoured almonds and mala chicken skins. (Must try!)

Thank you, The Great Room for including me. Here’s to working better, living purposefully and loving daringly!

Link to all personalities:
The Great Room – Great Minds Never Think Alike



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