Events don’t affect us. The MEANING you attach to the events affect you.
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Some personal notes on how I dealt with one of the darkest moments of my life last week. I hope that these words can be of use… especially if any one of you is struggling. ♥️

Dealt with a personal calamity and went MIA for a week. Some days are so bleak, you really wonder if you’ll get out of it. Took leave from work – honestly can’t remember the last time I took leave or not work for more than 2 days in the last 12 years.

I prayed a lot and asked for the strength, and wisdom to see this through. On top of my faith, I binged excessively on educational videos and podcasts.

Events don’t affect us. The MEANING you attach to the events affect you. If you change your interpretation, you’ll change your thoughts & life.

You can’t change the bad things that happen to you. Ask yourself: What does this mean to me? How can I change the meaning for this? What can I do or learn from this?

The way you feel about everything is down to 2 things:
1) the image you play in your head
2) the words you use (affects the picture)

Your thoughts dictate your feelings.
Feelings dictate your actions.
Your actions dictate your events.

Your inside has to reflect the outside.

Fall down seven times, stand up eight. 💪🏻



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