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Why did Endowus choose this picture that I look half-asleep? Hopefully, my face didn’t scare you during your commute. 🤣 This is probably how most people feel about personal finance – yawn-inducing, boring and… “please leave me alone”.

If your 2021 resolution is to look at your finances and manage them better, I highly suggest Endowus – a digital financial advisor. This is not the first time I’ve written about them.. again, I’m completely convinced that Endowus is one of the best solutions in the market. I’ve recommended them to ALL my personal friends.

In their own words, “Invest your Cash, CPF & SRS better, with expert advice towards your life goals, and exclusive access to best-in-class funds at low cost.”

Disclaimer to prevent misunderstanding/ conflict: I’m an investor with Endowus but #notsponsored 🙂

Anna Haotanto Endowus Bus Ad Anna Haotanto Endowus Bus Ad

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