[Beginning of the end]
Haotanto Anna Vanessa

5 am reflections: I’ve reached the age where having integrity and shared values are the most critical factors in relationships, partnerships and friendships.

It’s imperative that we examine ourselves to ensure that we are who we say we are and our actions are aligned with our values. The world will change you, persuade you and wear you down. You’ll be confused, jaded and at times, question life and the vicissitudes of fortunes. Don’t be reduced that you forget who you are. Life is both too short and too long to not live in your light. Be brave, be authentic.

Avoid frivolity. Focus on the quality of your thoughts & relationships. Choose happiness, create magic. Walk away from anything that doesn’t serve you.

Live a life of servitude; always be the person who gives more, helps willingly, loves unconditionally and tries the hardest. ♥️✨

There are many glittery, exciting reasons to be/ work with someone but if you don’t share the basic values such as honesty, respect, loyalty, and kindness… then no matter how attractive or deep you care, it’s a no-go. A lesson I learned very hard in life, repeatedly – never compromise on your values.

Don’t be taken in by glitzy posturing, delightful words and beautiful promises. People’s actions, in the long term, never lie – how well they treat others “below” them, how honest they are, how seriously they take their words, how professional they are,.. remember: facetious words are ultimately empty. 🌪💨

Many people can be smart, charming, good looking, wealthy etc but if they don’t treat others the way they want to be treated, then they will slowly lose the respect of others, esp when a huge part of our lives/jobs is relationship management.

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” – Oprah Winfrey

You can’t change people but you can change your views, thoughts and ultimately, actions. Accept that not everyone is the same but honour your own boundaries. 💥💥



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