Be Harder On Yourself
Haotanto Anna Vanessa

I always believe that I am not the smartest, or most talented and privileged (money/status etc…) but I can always:

1) Work the hardest – always give my best efforts & 200%
2) Try the hardest
3) Be the most sincere
… when it comes to people, work, sports and interests.

Unpopular opinion, especially in a world filled with #selfcare , YOLO maxim… but why do we keep espousing “be kinder to yourself”? Why not “be harder on yourself”?

Since when did striving become out of vogue? Why do we stop celebrating the pursuit of excellence? Why should we accept mediocrity?

Sure, one doesn’t mean the other. It’s not always absolutes… but why are we getting softer on ourselves? Why can’t we just admit that we suck sometimes? Or that our best is not good enough? That the only way through is to try harder… and then, even harder. Because maybe magic only happens when we are reaching breaking point.

When I was a kid, I was told 99 is not good enough. It’s not a perfect score. Since when is getting 70 okay? When have we stopped expecting more from ourselves? And if we do, why is that a bad thing?

Why should we be kinder to ourselves if we have not met the expected standard? Shouldn’t we always fight to improve and be better versions of ourselves?


(Legit wondering about this – don’t cancel me 😅)



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