My Ruminations

I don’t believe in micromanaging my life; I surrender to surprises :) I want to travel, to every corner of the earth; to discover different cultures, to touch hearts and live dreams. Perpetual wanderlust.

I’m seeking; I’m striving. I am in it with all my heart.



Learning with Lisa Tan Although scientists have uncovered a great deal about rapid eye movement (REM) sleep as outlined below, there is still much to learn and uncover. 1 😴 Brain activity during REM sleep is similar to that seen in wakefulness. The brain cells use a great deal of

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Random sharing but today, I celebrate a milestone – Just invested in my 🍀 50th company🍀 as an angel investor*. ☺️🥳🍸🥂 How fitting that it is a fertility services company, trying to solve a problem I’m familiar with, written about and definitely feeling the pain point. For the past 6

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[Beginning of the end]

5 am reflections: I’ve reached the age where having integrity and shared values are the most critical factors in relationships, partnerships and friendships. It’s imperative that we examine ourselves to ensure that we are who we say we are and our actions are aligned with our values. The world will

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Be Harder On Yourself

I always believe that I am not the smartest, or most talented and privileged (money/status etc…) but I can always: 1) Work the hardest – always give my best efforts & 200% 2) Try the hardest 3) Be the most sincere … when it comes to people, work, sports and

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What is your specific knowledge?

Learning with Lisa Tan FIND AND BUILD SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE “ When I talk about specific knowledge, I mean figure out what you were doing as a kid or teenager almost effortlessly. Some thing you didn’t even consider a skill, but people around you noticed. Your mother or your best friend

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Workplace Conflict

Learning with Lisa Tan Until quite recently, academics who studied management assumed that workplace conflict was bad for productivity. But now, there’s an increasing recognition that conflict can have positive effects – and to avoid it is harmful. In conflict-avoidant workplaces, people would say ‘ I noticed early on that

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Motivation vs Discipline

Learning with Lisa Tan “So often we read about passion and drive leading to success, but I bet a great deal of their success is actually attributed to consistent improvement achieved through discipline. If we wait for motivation, it may never come. By choosing discipline, we give ourselves the power

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Give and Take by Adam Grant

Learning with Lisa Tan Sharing some points from the book, and will continue doing so. A highly recommended read. According to conventional wisdom, highly successful people have three things in common: hard work, talent, and luck. But there is the fourth ingredient. A critical but often neglected ingredient – success

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Upgrade your Immunity with Herbs by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Learning with Lisa Tan 🌿Herbs and spices!♥️ Before the advent of drugs and medicine, plant remedies were the go-to medicines. They favourably impact your health in several ways. Herbs and spices are richest in antioxidants, dense in vitamins and minerals. Eating a wide array of herbs and spices on a

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