8 questions before marriage


8 Questions that every couple should answer

1. Why do you love me?

2. Will you stay in love when the routine catches you?

3. Will you stay with me during the most difficult moments?

4. What kind of parent do you want to be?

5. Will you ask for forgiveness if you are wrong, even if it is hard?

6. Would you be willing to put up with me when I can’t even do it myself?

7. Do you really think it’s necessary for us to marry?

8. Are you going to pray for me?

Maybe someone, after reading all of this, could think: “but this is difficult, who would want to marry then?”

Well, this isn’t about being afraid of marriage; it is about marrying knowing that not everything is going to be easy, that it will not be all rosy, but it will be wonderful.



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