60 Day Challenge – Limiting Beliefs

More on the 60-day challenge – I wrote an introduction on it & why I am embarking on it.

Through this challenge, I want to work my “limiting” beliefs & and challenge myself are:

1. Increasing metabolism in mid-30s

This might be factual but how can I workout or eat better to ensure that I still remain healthy, enjoy my food and be happy with my weight/ figure. 

I’m not looking to be skinny/ slim btw. I want to be HEALTHY, have a social life … & be toned and fit. 🙂

2. Increase muscle mass & strength

I’ve always been a long distance runner & love cardio (😛). Always believed that I am weak in strength and accepted it. 

One of the reasons I got a PT was to ensure that I do my strength training in the correct way. I’ve no knowledge about form, so that’s important to me. 

I have wild goals (or maybe, dream is more apt) of what I want to achieve. Like I can’t be a bikini model cuz I rly love my food. It’s also my work 😝. Can’t be a billionaire even if I aspire to me. 😂 the point is I am realistic about my goals.

Might not achieve all of them or to 100%… but to me, what’s the point of living if you’re not trying your hardest?

Anyway, it’s all useless theories for now since it’s all been 5 days. Gotta remain strong for the next 55 days!

3. My dream is to one day, say that “I don’t drink alcohol”. PERMANENTLY.

Nothing against alcohol at all. As all of you know, I’m the BIGGEST drinker. I love my alcohol & drink daily, by myself.

I don’t drink for social reasons or for the intoxicated feeling. I actually REALLY love the taste. 

I want to challenge myself and my beliefs. Why do I, and many of you, say that we can’t do without it? Why can’t we conduct business meetings w/o drinking? Why can’t we have dinner without drinking?

I know most of you will probably say “Not cannot but I enjoy it.” And that’s totally fine. 👍🏻

For me, I want to rework my own beliefs of what’s possible and what I am capable of doing. I used to not even be able to resist not drinking for 2 days. 🙈

Why is alcohol a crutch to me?

It’s actually an interesting experiment to challenge my self-limiting beliefs. 

If I am as motivated and disciplined as I think I am, then why can’t I will myself to do this? 

*More importantly, if I can do this,… what else can I achieve?

One of the reasons I want to stop consuming alcohol is to push my productivity and maximum performance.*

I’m all about efficiency and will like to spend the 4.5 months on how I can optimise for max performance. 

After all, we can’t control what’s happening in the world (and it’s sad). The only thing I am in control of is how I regulate & manage myself. 

  • Psssst: People say don’t have 0 to 1 goal. Drink in moderation. But for me, this might works better because:

1) I tend to negotiate with myself “One won’t hurt…”

2) I am an all-in or nothing person in general.



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