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Random sharing but today, I celebrate a milestone – Just invested in my 🍀 50th company🍀 as an angel investor*. ☺️🥳🍸🥂 How fitting that it is a fertility services company, trying to solve a problem I’m familiar with, written about and definitely feeling the pain point.

For the past 6 years, I’ve slowly restructured & pivoted my life & finances. Being an entrepreneur means cash flow is not fixed or stable. There are a lot of days when I worry (& cry!) about money & expenses, both personally & for the business. This means giving up a lot of luxuries I used to enjoy & being more frugal. Everyone who is close to me knows that I’m generally generous to a fault so something gotta give. 😅

I stopped buying luxury products, driving & try to reduce my expenses (budget airlines, cheaper clothing, etc…). I also sold some of my luxury bags & watches to put the money in my “fun fund” – not my main long-term investment portfolio but investments I find interesting, exciting & more YOLO in nature (crypto + angel investments). (Not advisable but this was a small % & a sum I was prepared to lose.)

Each time I desire a material thing, I ask myself – “What can I buy instead? What’s my opportunity cost?”. It’s not fun/ fashionable but since money is limited / I don’t have an inheritance or windfall, I always end up saving the money.

Might not be a lot but I definitely struggled & fought hard to be here. 🥲🥲 Now, praying for a few outsized winners in my portfolio. ♥️

Special thank you & huge appreciation goes to every single one who always generously shares their knowledge and theses with me. I’m nowhere near smart and always feel inadequate but thank YOU to all of you (mentors, friends & confidants) for being so kind to me. The only way I can repay you is with my sincerity… & probably to ply you with alcohol + good food from @gourmetfoodholdings 😉

To the next 50. 🚀🚀

P.S: Not showing off. Genuinely happy and wanted to share so I don’t only post emo posts haha. If I don’t clap for myself & celebrate my wins, who will? 💕🙂

Pictures to show I’ve changed (& hopefully, blossomed for the better) over the past 7 years.Anna V Haotanto Linkedin Anna V Haotanto Linkedin Anna V Haotanto Linkedin

Anna V Haotanto Linkedin


*On a personal basis.




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